Facilities in School

Smart Class

Our Smart Class is equipped with hi-tech Audio-visual systems. It consists of multimedia projector, PC, DVD Player, Mikes and Speakers and other necessary paraphernalia. It gives a clear picture and understanding of the topic under analysis to the students.

Regular and continuing PT classes is an essential part of the school curriculum. 'A Healthy Mind in A Healthy Body' is the dictum we emphasize in the School. Talented candidates in various fields of sports are selected, guided and trained to partake in inter-school competitions such as, Volleyball, Basketball, Chess, Cricket and Football etc. Qualified coaches are engaged to augment the stamina and style of players who may later choose a career in one of the many disciplines. Inter class competitions of indoor games like carrom, chess etc. are organized with great enthusiasm and vigour.

Picture books, Story books, Periodicals, News Papers etc. to enhance reading skills.

Classes have facility of audio-vedio facility wherever needed.

St. Mary's School VFJ