Vice-President Message

"Knowledge is power, Information is liberating, Education is the premise of progress in every society, in every family" –Kofi Annan.

I am delighted that the school has launched its website. The purpose of the website in the school, is to communicate about the happenings in the school to Parents, our clients, and to see deeper in to what is happening in the school where they send their child every day. I hope it will help students , Parents and all our well wishers to know about the activities of the school. For the last 41 years school has made all-round improvement in standards of education and achieved good results consistently, excelling the student's standards of education and in other co-curricular activities.

We are committed to create a caring , safe and spiritual atmosphere, which promotes emotional, social and academic development to the children. Our aim is to nurture our students into fine human beings by imparting quality education and inculcate human values. "The Indian Education commission ( 1964-1966) also recommends, to provide instructions on moral, social and spiritual values at all levels of education". Swamy Vivekanand said " Education means the manifestation of the divine perfection, already existing man." Gandhiji also said " By Education , I mean an all round drawing out of the best in child and man's body, mind and spirit". Education imparted here is thus, not confined to the class room alone but it is moving beyond that. Holy Bible says, "Train up a child in the way he should go ; and when he is old he will not depart from it". ( Proverbs : 22:6)

The web site is a hub for all of us. It show the multifarious activities of the school, be it academic, co-curricular activity or sports. It encourages our students to go higher and higher in the realm, of learning. I hope that this website will create an immediate and sustained impression that our school have been recognized as a premier school in Jabalpur.

God bless you all

Fr. M.J. Mathew
Vice. President, St. Mary's School VFJ