Treasurer Message

The school of Kinder Garden Section was started in the year of 1965 at St. George Orthodox Church, Ridge Road , Cantonment area. Jabalpur(M.P.) . After that the primary school also started under Madhya Pradesh society-Act with registration of Firm and Society Madhya Pradesh under its registration No. 6618 dt. 7/1978.

Simultaneously a Chapel (branch of Main Church) namely St. Thomas Chapel was constricted / started during the year of 1973 by the members of Orthodox Church who was working in Vehicle Factory, Jabalpur and other departments of surrounding area.

Due to Administrative problem and Lack of sufficient place, the K.G. and primary school of St. George Orthodox Church were shifted in the premises of St. Thomas Chapel VFJ, Ranjhi Jabalpur and started its Nursery class to class XII in Bilpura village Ranjhi, with the consent of village authorities at that time, when there was no school in the surrounding area of VFJ.

Subsequently the school was developed by the Management stage-by-stage and imparted education of the children of the Bilpura village and hereby both in English and Hindi Medium. The School is run under the recognition of Board of Secondary Education, Madhya Pradesh upto XIIth . The Bilpura area which the St. Mary's H.S.School is situated was up graded under Municipal Corporation of Jabalpur(M.P.) since 1998 and now it is under Maharashi Sudershan Ward.

In the past 53 years of active service for the cause of St. George Orthodox Church Society, Jabalpur and its vicinity in the field of Education and charity among the residents of Vehicle Factory, Jabalpur and its surrounding area is of great significance.

To meet with the challenge in the field of Education, we are proud to announce that we have installed a full-fledged computer system in our school and made it compulsory to all students from Class III to learn the same as regular subject. Every year our school is awarded meritorious award those who are in outstanding performance in each field. Our school is known as most disciplined school. In this regard the then Speaker of M.P. Assembly Late Ishwar Das Rohani was donated an amount of Rs. 50000/- to our school.

Regarding our principal Shri G. John is highly Educated, experience and hard working person. On his leadership , our school is developing day by day. Our teachers in English/ Hindi Medium are well Educated Experience and caring all students in every activities and also giving good advice to develop the future of students. As per the words of Miss. Malala Yousafzai , the youngest Nobel Prize laureate has said :- " One Book, one pen, one child, and teacher can change the world. They are the Nation Builder, the architects of our society".

Treasurer, St. Mary's School VFJ